Thursday, October 13, 2016

Crack The Twitter Code With Keith Keller

"You are already AWESOME.

My job is to make you WORLD FAMOUS"

Keith Keller

Twitter marketing specialist Keith Keller has a Graduate Certificate in Career Education from Melbourne's RMIT University but the fun really began when he started a radio show with Anne Marie Cross giving career advice to job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Keith's podcast, "Twitter Really is a Global Village", mentions connecting with people who are outside of your local circles. This might seem obvious considering that Twitter is global by nature.
As the saying goes, "old habits die hard." The traditional way of connecting to your tribe is deeply embedded into the heart of the Collective Consciousness. Before the availability of the dial-up modem, social networking was largely limited to board rooms, teleconferences, and coffee shops.

Fun Fact: "Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, enabling registered users to read and post short messages, so-called tweets. Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters and users are also able to upload photos or short videos. Tweets are posted to a publicly available profile or can be sent as direct messages to other users. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks worldwide."

First and foremost, Keith Keller is a resource. He knows what it takes to run an effective operation with social media. Whether you're new to Twitter or you're a pro-tweeter, Keith is your go-to-source for taking the mystery out of Twitter.

Crack The Twitter Code With Keith Keller

Twitter tips from an expert

Do you want to increase exposure and traffic for your cause or business? Millions of Tweeters post updates and articles on Twitter every month. So, how will your tweets get noticed among galaxies of stars, planets and nebulae? You take a shortcut through the Twiiterverse with Keith's guidance.

"Crack the Twitter Code" is Keith's flagship creation. Get more followers. Extend your reach using hashtags (#). Track the progress of your tweets. Automate your tweets to save you time. Track the progress of your tweets. Drive traffic back to your website to increase your database and your sales and much more!

Lauren Galley and her Girls Above Society shines in the Twitterverse. Listen to what Lauren has to say about her experience with Keith.

Keith takes his own advise. He reached out to me on Twitter, @slateagency, over 2 years ago via direct messaging. Keith's mentoring, suggestions, and inspiration have positively influenced the direction of Slate Agency. I'm looking forward to writing a blog article for Keith's website.

More praise for Keith Keller!

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Crack The Twitter Code With Keith Keller

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Whitty Whitesell

"Light and dark roll by like a wheel on a wagon train." ~ Whitty Whitesell

Twelve-string Acoustic Artist Whitty Whitesell is releasing his latest album, "Passion of a Seasoned Rookie", on November 8, 2016.

With song titles like "Painted Ancient Fears," and "Live My Days", one wonders if Pliny the Elder got it right when he said, "home is where the heart is". No doubt, Whitty's heart and talent are in his music. He writes, arranges, performs, produces, records, mixes, and masters his timeless pieces until they're just right. 

"Starlight raining down", "open sea", and "waking chimes" tingle the senses. If being captivated by love isn't your thing then listen to the metal and smell the dust because Whitty's train is pulling out the passion of a seasoned rookie as he travels through the years.

"Live My Days" is the first single from his album, "Passion of a Seasoned Rookie". Now it's available as a music video!

Pre-order "Passion of a Seasoned Rookie" and get the album emailed to you on November 8, 2016. Available for purchase at