Monday, September 5, 2016


"Come explore with me! the unknown, of course!!" ~ Meresha

Chocolate loving, multi-talented, Meresha knows what she wants - Eclecto-pop, Pop, Rock and Electronica.

Nature helps calm her mind before embracing her creative side as a singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and music producer.

Riding radio waves and ripping up the stage, Meresha is the Sun and the Moon. Her spiraling sounds and starlit lyrics grow out of notebooks, mixing music with a purple dimension.

Fun fact: "New Revolution” was the #1 Indie song on US radio for a month (Mediabase, BDS)It entered the Billboard Top 40 Indicator chart in between Adele and Justin Bieber." Meresha's bio

So what's Meresha up to these days? 

Put away your parkas and get out your drums because it's an Indie-Summer! You can still hear 'August' from this indie artist. Go to to download a free copy of 'August' and also be entered to win a free CD of Meresha's hit song "New Revolution"! 

Meditate on 'August'!

There are new songs in-the-works! Stay tuned. Connecting with you is a delicious delight. Choose your fave Socials to show your love and cheers for Meresha!

Do you have a question for Meresha? Leave a comment and we'll make sure she gets your message.

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