Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Paper Addiction

"We're all in the same cosmic soup" ~ Simon Mainwaring

Michelle Mooney is a champion paper crafter and she’s got the cuts to prove it. With a bottle cap in one hand and glue in the other, Hallmark doesn’t stand a chance. And it looks like she’s booked forever on a creative journey with tea-stained golden tickets in her pocket.

Michelle’s paper addiction keeps her searching for stationery, stamps, and paint for her handcrafted books and journals. It’s surprising what Michelle does with scraps and paper clips! She's an Upcycling Specialist, the "maker of stuff with paper, junk, [and] fabric."

Vintage treasure never goes out of style. I love the way Michelle adds layers to her books! There are blank pages and striped pages. Some pages are hidden so that you can tuck secrets inside and others support Olde World goodies and sweets. Each time you turn a page in one of Michelle's books, you wonder what's next.

Imagine hole-punched photos of your friends and family filling half-pages with mini notebooks to add captions of your most charming memories!

Fun Fact: "The first scrapbooks in early 1800s were hardly about preserving photos as cameras weren’t created yet during those days. So what sort of scraps did the people collect in their albums? Mainly mementos such as quotes, poems, calling cards (decorated cards left behind at a friend’s home), religious cards, paper cuts, and other ephemera."

Watch Michelle's 'Prima Time Traveler Mini Album' video and step back in time as Michelle's shows us how to do it Victorian style!

I attend an annual Craft Fair and I was lucky enough to witness a woman fall in love with one of my Journals. She picked it up and said to her friend ‘this would be wonderful to give to Mum for her to write all her stories and memories in and then she can give it back to me so I can always have it.  She grabbed her wallet and purchased it. I watched as she walked down the street a way and walked up to a beautiful woman and spoke to her as she handed over the Journal. I couldn’t hear the words but I knew what was being said. Her Mother started to cry as did I. When I create I hope it will be loved as much as I have loved the process. It is always a thrill to see or hear that this is so.

I live in New Zealand and I am married to the super tolerant Steve, and we are lucky enough to have two fabulous and grown children Aleisha and Ethan. We all adore our gorgeous golden spoodle Ruby. I discovered paper crafting nearly five years ago and I am now a committed paper hoarder and maker. I am in the process of relocating and organizing my creative space and it is not going well! I love to upcycle and have tea dyed every type of paper I can get my hands on. I have been so lucky to “meet ‘ so many wonderful people whether in person or online, and I am always honored when they share their stories. I hope that the Journals I create become treasures that are used and loved.  Michelle Mooney

The Paper Addiction 
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